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Precision Media specializes in performance-based marketing solutions that connect advertisers with consumers across multiple channels. We are a full-service media services company that owns the consumer relationships across our owned and operated world class digital properties, while at the same time being a network with extensive audience reach worldwide. We use best-in-class ad technology and big data to provide hyper targeting solutions for advertisers and brands. We use powerful technology in order to produce state-of-the-art video content and monetization solutions that can be syndicated for our partner sites. We reach consumers across the web, as well as mobile, social, and local markets.

In short, Precision Media is a dynamic targeting performance media company focused on creating value throughout the entire digital landscape via three venues to success: advertiser, publisher, and consumer. We take the demand and the supply, and then converge it with proven data, making us the best possible company to handle your digital advertising and publisher monetization needs.

When you work with Precision Media, the research is done for you, including determining what measures a brand should look at before figuring where the consumers are spending their time – and on what platforms. Mapping out a smart social strategy (hyper-targeting) will illuminate the path we will take to lead you to success.

Creative optimization is the key here. We aim to maximize campaign performance, while always keeping the following in mind: creative, consumer, and context. As far as determining results, deciding on the proper use of creativity for each campaign is paramount, yet just as important (if perhaps on a smaller scale) is the context and consumer.

Our approach is simple, yet effective: Use the data given, and adapt it to the need. A flexible approach to global optimization, one that balances all three domains – creative, consumer, and context – at once, is critical.

The future is now at Precision Media. We go where today’s audiences go. We break through scale limitations by spanning display, mobile, video, and social. By learning from yesterday’s consumers, we relate to the consumers of today and become ready for the consumers of tomorrow.

Precision Media is the next-generation media company that will give you what you need to succeed.

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"There's no other service like it. Nothing compares"

- Joseph Everwald

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