Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and you need to be sure you are moving with it. You need to understand your customer base so that you can make the best decisions across the board, and you need the best in customer data. With Precision Media, you move ahead, not just at an even pace. Through these two key services of social media agencies – social media marketing and online reputation management – we guarantee one RFP, one IO, and 100% of our performance and targeting ad capabilities, linking our data systems to the social mediums your customers choose.

You need a media company that can execute on your campaigns, while making your life easier. Our “One RFP – One I/O” motto is a media planner and buyer’s nirvana. You tell us who you need to reach, and we will do all the work necessary to achieve your goals. The days of sending 20 RFPs to support one campaign across all consumer segments are a thing of the past with Precision Media.

And the best part? SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile): This convergence of three major mediums is the most up-to-date transmission media available, allowing people to interact (social), find (local), and access (mobile) information on the move, making marketing to consumers quick and reliable with no gaps. With Precision Media, SoLoMo is the vital tool for brands to stay relevant in this ever-changing digital market space.

With Precision Media, we will provide you with account management, creative services, and the full-service knowledge that you need to reach your clients, including:
  • Research – Compilation of the prospective customers of the final advertising campaign, as well as detailed and up-to-date market research directed to the ideal target audience.
  • Creative Services – Quality, professional services that conform to industry standards.
  • Media Expertise – Careful placement of the finished ad in various media, maximizing the buying predictability of the targeted audience.
We will enhance the reputation of your business by improving its geographic reach and helping you establish a lasting, loyal customer base. Our reputation is only as good as our customer’s success, so we make sure every detail is covered, every question answered, and every possible effort is made to provide you with exemplary service.

Laying a strong foundation now will pave the way for a productive, mutually beneficial relationship in the future. Come to the future… now available at Precision Media.

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We’ll help you reach consumers & manage the relationship to keep them as customers. Sell more while we make your life easier.

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"There's no other service like it. Nothing compares"

- Joseph Everwald

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