Precision Media knows how the trends of today affect publishers. That is why we do not wait for things to happen for publishers; we make things happen for publishers by optimizing and utilizing ad space for maximum, sustaining profit levels. By giving you the flexibility to monitor your placements and campaigns in real time, including CPCs (cost per click) and CPAs (cost per action), you can access all campaign information clearly, confidentially, and concisely. Being a part of our team gives you the clear advantage of premium advertising opportunities.

With Precision Media, reaching even the most complex media and video, locally and globally, is easily handled by our knowledgeable and dedicated staff, which is equipped with the most state-of-the-art ad management systems around. The key benefits for publishers include inventory representation delivering premium advertising, higher fill rates, consistent and predictable revenue opportunities, and something no other media company can offer you the way we do: SEO. We can not only represent your inventory, but we can drive an audience in support of campaigns running on your digital properties. We know that great content is only as good as the audience that participates, and great advertising performance is only as good as the combination of both content and audience. Precision Media is not a “throw it over the fence and see what happens” network of publishers; we truly partner in order to enable the publisher’s success.

Ads are delivered in a highly cost-effective way in a three-fold manner: Better Performance equals Advertisers Stickiness equals a Greater ROI (return on income).

Through e-mail, social networks, domains, search, and mobile, we bring the future to you through powerful technology and connectivity to your consumers. We produce consumer interest data, and then couple that with a targeting system to match interest with ads. With our data analyses, we can draw on more precise recommendations, meaning greater success for you, the publisher. You launch your campaign and monitor it from one source, leading you down a dynamic path towards delivering advertising with high profitability realized. High quality professional video content for use by partner sites and a video monetization stream are crucial to your success. And we deliver.

We make it our business to understand your audience. Click-throughs and impressionable designs are not enough today. We gather the information based on your needs, giving you the competitive edge it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace. This information is never shared; due to our maximum security measures, it is always safe and protected. In short, we make it our business to understand your audience, allowing you to monetize your business and your time more effectively.

Being a part of our network will give you value, expert analysis and action, and the greatest profitability from our performance.

Our company employs more than 150 talented and highly expert Internet engineers, corporate marketing specialists, SEO strategists, copywriters, social marketing experts, search strategists, and award-winning designers. You can depend on us for world-class programming, strategy, and content.

In creating this partnership, we can tailor your needs with our experience in order to help you be a consistent chart-setter through dynamic, performance-based, proven marketing solutions.

Timely, effective, and efficient... for you.

Reach, value, and convenience… for you.

Easy to do business with… for you.

With "white glove" treatment for all of our clients by our devoted staff, you can rest assured that we will be working for you and working with you. The future is now at Precision Media.

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We’ll help you reach consumers & manage the relationship to keep them as customers. Sell more while we make your life easier.

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You need to be part of our network to take advantage of premium advertising opportunities. Period!

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"There's no other service like it. Nothing compares"

- Joseph Everwald

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